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Why do people go to therapy?

Talk therapy can offer tremendous relief to people who experience difficulty finding satisfaction and enjoyment in their work or in a loving relationship. Sometimes people feel that they are "not themselves". Other typical issues include anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, stress, creative blockage, and low self-esteem. Fears, compulsive behavior, difficulty being alone, and a history of repeated failures and frustrations can also lead people to seek professional help.

Do I need treatment?

If you suffer from a specific problem with mood or functioning, if you feel stuck or "not yourself", or if you experience difficulty finding satisfaction and pleasure in your work or in a loving relationship, you should consider consulting a professional.

Psychological therapy can offer enormous relief through the process of learning about ourselves and developing new ways to deal with life's challenges. This is a process that can enable a more fulfilling and fulfilling life.

Already in an initial consultation, you will be able to better understand the problem and receive professional feedback that will help you decide whether to continue handling calls.

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